Oct. 17 Hearing: Help Save Nottoway Trails

Vivian Morgan-Mendez reports that the Parks and Recreation is considering a change to Nottoway Park’s Master Plan that would permanently protect a beautiful area of wooded hiking trails from long-standing plans to build a soccer field. The new field became unnecessary when the county used artificial turf to more efficiently use already existing soccer fields.

A hearing will be held Wednesday, Oct. 17, at 7 pm, at Hunter House at Nottoway Park. Vivian urges people who care about Nottoway Park to testify at that meeting. Vivian’s full email is as follows:

Dear Friends of Nottoway Park,

It is finally happening!!! Today the sign advertising the public comment meeting to amend the Master Plan went up at the main Nottoway entrance. In short, if the amendment is approved, the woods will remain intact and a regulation size soccer field will replace existing Field #4. Losing some open play area adjacent to Field #4 is a trade off but a small loss compared to: (a) losing part of the woodlands and (2) the environmental damage associated with building a field in an area that channels storm water from higher elevations adjacent to the park and through the woods to Accotink. This is win-win for everyone who loves and uses the park.

We must pack the Hunter House with supporters, including speakers, in favor of the ammended plan. Please contact your friends and neighbors now. Written comments are also important. Remember to include contact information when submitting written comments. If you are part of an HOA or neighborhood association, please urge your organization to speak and/or submit written comments, mentioning the number of households represented. You may wish to copy Supervisor Linda Smyth on written comments @ provdist@fairfaxcounty.gov.

Information on the proposed changes in the Conceptual Development Plan, the public meeting and the written comment period is at http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/parks/plandev/nottoway.htm.

Thank you and see you at the Hunter House on Oct. 17th at 7 pm.


Vivian Morgan-Mendez

Friends of Nottoway

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