Deal Clears Way for Water Utility Sale, New Development

Ending a long-running litigious saga, Falls Church has agreed to sell its water service to the Fairfax County Water Authority. The agreement affects tens of thousands of county residents in the Providence District who received their water from the Falls Church utility.

According to a Falls Church News Press article, the city acquired $40 million from the county. In a second, important part of the deal, the city will annex 42 acres that will allow it to seek high-density development immediately outside the edge of Providence District’s Falls Hill neighborhood. The article said:

The acres that the City will annex include the property on which George Mason High School and Henderson Middle School now sit, and a 2.4 acre parcel at the Shreve Road and Gordon’s Road intersection that would complete a “Gordon’s Road Triangle” where the City’s property yard now sits. The City has long coveted that area for highly-dense commercial redevelopment.

The 39.6 acres of high school/middle school property sit adjacent the West Falls Church Metro and, by coming into the City, would be susceptible to highly-dense commercial redevelopment, as well. While the deal stipulates that 70 [percent] of that land must be retained for educational purposes, 30 percent free for redevelopment adds up to 12 acres.

“This is a big moment for the City,” Falls Church City Manager Wyatt Shields told the News-Press late yesterday.


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