VDOT Widening I-66 Begins Jan 13 — Community Meeting Jan 15

We have received the below from VDOT and would appreciate you distributing to your membership to the widest extent possible


Please note VDOT starts construction widening west bound I-66 on Jan. 13.
However, the VDOT’s community meeting happens two days later on Jan 15 @ 6:30 in Longfellow Intermediate School.

VDOT is expanding the shoulder by about 12 feet. It begins at Washington Blvd. going westbound  to the Dulles Access Rd in Arlington to make an auxiliary lane.

On January 2 VDOT’s concrete barriers go up on I-66.

There will be sound walls will come some time in the future, but not in time for this highway construction noise.

Traffic Impacts

Road work begins late December/early January installing barrier, surveying, grading and strengthening the shoulder.

Traffic impacts should be expected beginning the night of January 2, 2014 when concrete barrier is set in the shoulder of I-66 west-bound. Construction will happen during the day behind the barrier. All lane closures will be done at night from 10p.m. to 5a.m. From January to early summer, there will be only occasional lane closures. Come summer, nighttime lane closures will be more frequent.

No traffic impact during the day as crews will work behind barriers.

Attachment is VDOT’s link.


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