Meals Tax Referendum Community Survey – conducted by the Providence District Council

This Meals Tax Referendum Community Survey is being conducted by the Providence District Council. The survey will be used to provide community feedback to the Meals Tax Referendum Task Force that will convene on May 15. This survey will stay open till May 30 (this update was inserted on May 8).

April 22, 2014 – Board of Supervisors Chairman Sharon Bulova today established a meals tax referendum task force to study the possibility of this additional source of revenue. The task force will be chaired by two former chairmen of the Board of Supervisors: Kate Hanley and Tom Davis. Hanley and Davis will lead a communitywide task force to explore the issues and to deliver a report by June 17.

The mission of the task force will be to recommend to the Board of Supervisors:
1. Whether or not to proceed with a referendum for a meals tax;
2. If it is the recommendation of the group to do so, the task force should recommend the timing (what year?) for the question to be put to voters;
3. And the task force should return with a recommendation for how revenue from a meals tax should be used.

In the Commonwealth of Virginia towns and cities are permitted to have a meals tax subject to an affirmative vote by the governing body. In Northern Virginia all of the cities and towns around and within Fairfax County have adopted a meals tax.

Counties, however, may establish a meals tax only if a referendum is approved by the voters.

If adopted at the same approximate rate as cities and towns in Northern Virginia, the rate would be 4 percent of the cost of a restaurant meal and would result in revenue of approximately $88 million.

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