August Meeting on Affordable Housing

Date: Tuesday, August 19

Time: 8:00 pm

Place: Dunn Loring Administrative Center,2334 Gallows Road, Dunn Loring, VA 22027

Speaker: Jim Edmondson, Partner in E&G Group and President of AHOME (Affordable Home Ownership Means Everyone)

Fairfax County is re-writing its economic development strategy, starting with gathering input from and weighing priorities of stakeholders.  The strategy will be designed to assure the continuing economic vitality of the County. One of the top priorities was a bit surprising – affordable housing.  That is the subject of the discussion at our August PDC meeting.

County demographics are changing.  Retirements will increase, and replacements will earn less.  Most of the new jobs in the recent past and for the next 20 years will be in hospitality, health care support, and others that are relatively low-paying. Median income in the County is in fact declining. Millenials do not want to drive an hour to work.

Recognizing this pattern, businesses want to be closer to where their workers live.  So what should the County do to meet the needs of new residents and their employers? We’ll hear from Jim Edmondson, a partner in E&G Group and president of AHOME, an advocacy group that helped create the Affordable Dwelling Unit ordinance and the Penny Fund for Affordable Housing.  Jim participated in the Tysons Task Force.

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