Urban Providence by the Tysons Partnership

During PDC’s November meeting, we had a very interactive talk regarding Tysons. Meghan Trossen, Director of Program and Partnerships with the Tysons Partnership shared her presentation with us (below)


November 2017 Tysons Partnership presentation


The conversation covered a wide range of items, from residential and business development, government participation, history, environment, transportation, public safety, social responsibility and new perspectives in the Tysons area of Providence.   Find below additional answers and resources shared by the presenter:


The following list of clickable links leads to a wealth of information available at the Tysons Partnership website, including:

Fairfax County Seventh Annual Progress Report on Development Activity in Tysons

This comprehensive report provides an excellent summary of projects approved to date as well as identified pending projects and community/public infrastructure needs that are still unmet: Tysons Annual Report 2017


Bikeability in Tysons

Find here a map of Bikeshare stations in Tysons via Fairfax County: Tysons bikeshare station locations



The Tysons Partnership serves generally as a forum for discussion and resolution of stakeholder issues and concerns.   Though the Partnership has neither the legal authority nor financial resources to deploy or direct security personnel, we are in a position to help facilitate dialogue between Fairfax County, landowners, and other Tysons stakeholders aimed at finding shared solutions to an issue that all agree is vitally important to the future of Tysons.


Public Events

The Tysons Partnership organizes regular community events, such as Tysons Open House, Tysons First Responders Day, Food for Others Tysons 5K, Tysons Tailgate: Building Brighter Futures, Tysons Watershed Cleanup, Tysons Sustainability Summit, Real Estate Trends in Tysons, TEDxTysons and Tour de Tysons.  The calendar of event is available at the website, www.tysonspartnership.org/events

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