PDC Elections 2020-2021

Notice of the PDC Annual Meeting 
2020 – 2021 Election of PDC Officers Election Process

Next Wednesday, May 13, 2020
Starting at 7:30 PM
Via Zoom conference call. Link was distributed via email.

Election Process: Nominating Committee Chair will preside over the 2020 – 2021 Election of the PDC Officer’s Group. 

1) Nominations will be open to all and accepted from the floor.  Any resident of Providence District can nominate themselves or nominate another people residing in Providence District. To send a nomination from the floor, please unmute yourself and ask for the floor then state your intent to serve PDC as a member of the Officer’s Group and which position you would like to serve.  Chair will then call on you to share your brief bio including why you wish to serve.

2) Chair will report on the nominating committee work.

3) Nominations will be closed after the report.

4) In the event that one position has 2 or more applicants, a secret vote will be conducted.  A member of the Nominating Committee will conduct a roll call and members will send in their vote by text.  The roll call from the floor will be checked against the text sent.  

5) Chair will announce the results of the 2020 – 2021 PDC Election of Officers and close the election.

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