Statement by the PDC Board on current national events

Every person in every community has the right to live a safe and happy life. We have witnessed with sadness police abuse of force, with fatal consequences, that disproportionately affect communities of color. Law enforcement is meant to protect us, not to make our communities fearful.

Some peaceful protests have been met with hostility, further deepening the tensions between the public and law enforcement agencies. Others were overshadowed by looting and vandalism, taking merit away from the rightful protests. This is not our vision of community or country. 

The Providence District Council (PDC) stands for peaceful communities where all individuals are valued, respected and welcome; where government agencies, including law enforcement, are accountable to our constituency; and where neighbors live in harmony, building a prosperous and connected community. PDC supports expedited funding of body cameras and encourages meaningful engagement between county leaders, police leadership, and community members from all walks of life to promote mutual understanding and respect. 

We join in support of the African American community and look forward to participating in new discussions to support justice, accountability and integrity by government and law enforcement. We deserve better. We can do better.


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